Second Semester Course Outline

Outline is subject to change!

Class Date
Today in Class
Homework assignment
Due Date
May 23
1:00 PM Max Marr Field

May 21
RELAX, It's summer break! yeah

May 19
Study Study Study

Complete Ecology Presentations
Study for Final
Study Study Study

May 17
Ecology Presentations in class
Study Study Study

May 13
Continue to Research Biomes
Prepare Presentations
Study for final

May 11
Intro to Biomes Project
Research Biomes
Research Projects
Begin to study for final
May 15/18
May 7
LAST DAY to Turn in Lab Packet or pay $6.00!
Begin Ecology in class assignment
May 13/14
May 5
Turn in Lab Packet or pay $6.00!
Bone practical
Ch. 46 written exam
Read Ch. 19 Ecology
Complete Vocab, SRQ, And EOC (not collecting)
May 11/12
May 3
Fetal Pig Lab Practical
(Don't be absent!)
Study for written and bone practical exam
May 7/8
Apr 29
Quiz 4&5
Movie (The Miracle of Life)
Review for lab practical on fetal pig
Lunch Review (Ask Mrs. Agho for appointment)
May 5/6
Apr 27
Coloring Due (ticket into dissection 3)
Quiz #3
Dissection Day 3

May 1/4
Apr 23
Coloring due (ticket into dissection 2)
Quiz #2
Dissection Day 2
Hand out Bones Study Guide
Structure and Function 4 & 5
Rest of coloring
Read rest of lab packet
Apr 29/30
Apr 21
Coloring Due (ticket into dissection 1)
Quiz #1
Dissection Day 1
Structure and Function 3
Quiz #2 next class!
Apr 27/28
Apr 19
No class (Juniors testing for ACT)
Work on coloring
Study guide
complete coloring
complete study guide
bring $ for gloves!
Quiz next class! (Exercise 1 and 2)
Apr 23/24
Apr 15
Coloring for dissection
Study guide (due today graded on correctness)
study for quiz next class
complete coloring
bring $ for gloves or bring your own!
Quiz next class! (Exercise 1 and 2)
Apr 23/24
Apr 13
Lecture Anatomy Ch. 46
Lab prep for fetal pig dissection
Hand out $6.00 lab packet (don't loose it!)
Read lab packet Exercise 1 & 2
Complete structure/function #1 and 2

(5-8 hand out coloring, studyguide, bring $
Quiz next class over lab packet reading)
Apr 21/22
Apr 15/16
Chapter 45 Test
Read 46
Vocab, SRQ's and EOC's
Apr 17/20
Apr 9
Mammals Quiz
movie with guide
Study for mammals test next class
external image Chap 45 Mammals.ppt
Apr 15/16
Apr 7
Lecture Ch. 45
Homework quiz?
Study guide
Quiz on mammals next class
Apr 13/14
Apr 5
Begin Lecture Ch. 45 Mammals
Ch. 45 EOC's
Apr 9/10
Mar 29-Apr 2

Mar 25
Amphibian Test
Amphibian reading
READ Ch. 45
Vocab and SRQ's
Apr 7/8
Mar 23
Meet in room 210 (4th. period in 213)
study guide
Study guide
Study for Amphibian Test next class!
Apr 2/6
Mar 19

Mar 17
Dissection Day 2 (final day)
Mar 26/27
Mar 15
Frog Dissection Day 1
Coloring 84-85-86
Mar 24/25
Mar 8,9,10,11
Great Barrier Reef Video with guide
"Fishing for cures reading" due today!
Rest up for CSAP!

Mar 23/24
Mar 4

Mar 2
Continue Lecturing
Heart and circulatory quiz
Pre-lab structure and function sheets
-ticket into lab after CSAP!
Mar 15
Feb 24
Continue Lecture
EOC's 1-25 (Not collecting!)
Mar 2
Feb 22
Vertebrates Test! Period 7
Copy notes on Amphibians
Begin lecture Chapter 42
Vocab Quiz Period 6
Chapter 42 SRQ's
Plus added vocab words
Feb 24
Feb 18
Vertebrates Test! Period 6
Read chapter 42
quiz on vocab next class
Feb 22
Feb 16
Lecture Quiz
Movie with guide
In class study guide
Study Guide
Test Next Class!
Feb 18
Feb 11
Continue lecture
EOC's chapter 41 only
Ch. 41 EOC's
Feb 16
Feb 9
Begin chapter 34.2, 40.2, and 41
Copy notes
SRQ's 34.2, 40.2, 41 all
Feb 11
Feb 5
Test chapter 26 protista
Read and vocab chapter
34.2, 40.2, 41 all
Feb 9
Feb 3
Complete lecture (Sporozoa & Zoomastagina
Study guide

Feb 1
Counselors in for Registration
Formal drawings due! (235 points!)
End of chapter questions (EOC's) #1-15 and CT

Jan 28
Microviewer (Protists) due today!
Protozoan Reading
Final drawings of Stentor and Euglena
Study guide ( due feb 5 )
Feb 1
Jan 26
Lab day two (Stentor and Euglena)
Formal lab drawings, Cover sheet, Structure function sheets
Colorings (complete packet)
Jan 28
Jan 22
Lab day one (Ameoba and Paramecia)
Formal lab drawings 3 and 4
(Stentor and Euglena)
Final drawings of Amoeba and Paramecia
Jan 26
Jan 20
Complete lecture Cilliophera
Begin formal lab drawings 2 of 4
(Paramecia and Amoeba)
Begin colorings
Colorings (Ticket to do lab)
Formal lab drawings 2 of 4
(Paramecia and Amoeba)
Jan 22
Jan 15
Continue ch. 26 lecture
copy notes
Read chapter 27 pg. 533 (Euglena)
Ch 26 Section Review Questions (SRQ's)
Jan 20
Jan 13
Test chap 18
Chapter 26 vocabulary
Begin Chapter 26 Lecture
copy notes
Read chapter 26
Chap 26 Voc
Jan 15
Jan 11
Finish Chap 18 Lecture
Dicotomous keys
Finish Chap 18 EOC's
Dicot keys (shapes and sharks)(fish EC)
Chap 18 Study guide not graded
Jan 13
Jan 7
Class Expectations
Lecture Chap 18
Chap 18 Voc, SRQ's
Start Chap 18 EOC's
Jan 11